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Grassroots Projects, Sponsors, Investors, Football tours and tournaments. We facilitate to seek training and football/education scholarships were possible to enhance our youths educational developments to the underprivileged most talented. Sports Midfield prides itself in raw talents identification and facilitates youth development projects between potential local/foreign investors and the local sports organizations. We encourage our star athletes(Celebrities) to be exemplary role models by giving back to their communities through charity projects. Sports Midfield support the local football association and developmental clubs where applicable through consultancy services and various support mechanisms. Our main development objective for the local Clubs is to be structured, well managed, and sponsored both in kind, volunteering and financially, that way our young talented players can focus, be motivated and encouraged to participate in sports, which in return create an element of competition with enjoyment amongst teams and players, more so to bring back entertainment into the game which is the backbone of any team sports. The youth structures need to re-identify with its culture in football and other sports as we invite other full participation of stakeholders into our game.

Lehlohonolo Makara

Sports Midfield Lehlohonolo Makara reaped the benefit of being a successful part of SKF/SMA Meet the World Tournament in Sweden with a SA U17 National call up…

Youth Scholarship

Sports Midfield Agency secured three full scholarships for 3 exceptional youth talents that were part of SA youth national structures, U-20 (Basetana). into one of the best preparatory (pre-university) high schools in North America. A private boarding school with outstanding state-of-the-art facilities, and top quality education. To attend the school for a year costs about $45,000. The players received a scholarship each, which paid for their complete tuition, room and board, and their airfare from South Africa to the US. On top of that they trained and played with a professional team. A bus was taking them to the training facilities every day after school, and returned after practice.

Our youth development initiatives enables the youth of today to stay out of trouble and stay in sports.

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