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About Sports Midfield Agency

The combination of our natural human and professional approach with excellent services second to non has led to the establishment of a healthy and long-term relationships with our many clients. Our growth has been considerable and sustainable since 2006 owing largely to our open and sincere representation of professional sports personalities of mixed gender. Our committed and reliable management staff are highly motivated and capable professionals that always go the extra mile to see to our athletes satisfaction. Sports Midfield is base in the Netherlands, with branches in South Africa and Cyprus. We have sole representatives in England, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana and Zimbabwe.

Our Services include but are not limited to:

  • Contractual Negotiations
  • Scouting/Talent Identification
  • Football coaching/Consulting
  • Career Planning; both sports related and non-sports related
  • Players Liaison; Athletes welfare and off-the field commitments.
  • Branding, Image Rights advice and guidance
  • Commercial Management including Products, Media and Sponsors Endorsements
  • Organizing both local and International tournaments
  • Facilitating international tours.

Sports Midfield has established itself as a reputable family of sports firm, a force to reckon with within the sporting community in both Africa, Europe and amongst the world renown sports management companies.We proud ourselves in a job well done in true professionalism.

Sports Midfield connects the People with Sports and keep the Ball rolling.

About our Services

Sports Midfield consultants are business managers to all our professional athletes. We help athletes negotiate contracts and endorsement deals.
We represent and promote the interests of all our clients i.e. players, clubs, schools sponsors and investors (both individual & group). We organize and facilitate excursions and international tours for clubs, academies and schools alike. Our consultants negotiate, and manage sponsorship. Our strategic approach to sponsorship marketing results in creative activation to maximize a brand’s return on investment. We help create a unique brand for our players to connect with their fans, sponsors, community and the media.

Our approach to branding and marketing combines two key elements – first, research, fact findings, implementing, approach and executes; second, we ensure authentic execution with the understanding of the targeted market’s culture.

We pride ourselves in staying informed and connected with the most up to date media coverage on all our clients.
From Internet news, radio, to paper prints and back to TV coverage, we have the relationships and angles to garner editorial coverage and secure advertising within all media outlets.

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